What’s up? I’m Chris Patton. I’m an actor/ voice artist/ singer, and  author of paranormal and GLBT Teen and Young Adult fiction.

Right now, I’m working in earnest on the two remaining books in the Blood Scene Trilogy, and on a new book called GMW Seeks…, which is a “coming out” story of an eighteen-year old dude who, on top of dealing with the pressures of being popular and living a double life, is hiding that he’s not only gay, but also a practicing Witch.

The current “theme” of the page, if it must be deemed so, is set up more geared toward Scene Immortal and the rest of the Blood Scene Trilogy, since Scene Immortal is out and I’m marketing it pretty hardcore. The page will change, a lot. So, come visit, and re-visit often to get updates, news, etc…!

peace love and blood,