making notes on GMW Seeks...

My head is just like BZZZANGGGGGGin’ everywhere right now! Today has sorta been annoying and crazy because I woke up too early, felt fuzzy and not-really-here-ish most of the morning, then had a recording session in the early afternoon. Now it’s 3:23 and I don’t feel like I’ve accomplished enough. I think this is mainly because today is the day we’re supposed to hear from the detective as to whether or not he has actually nabbed the fucker who stole $740 from my car… after smashing my window, of course.

Also, it’s far too humid and warm for early-March, even for Houston. Come on! Whatevs, I have a lot of writing to do. I finally re-found the outline I did for Blood Scene, the second book in the trilogy, and like, my head is trying to fit all the pieces together like a bloody, scenester jigsaw puzzle. It’ll be a challenge.

Oh, and quite a few people have like signed up to my blog and stuff! Thanks! Sorry I’m talking all valley girl right now, but my mind’s racing and when that happens I feel like I’m seventeen again and I sometimes revert to that dumb teen val speak that we all did in the ’80s. Sad, eh? Ah well.

Okay, now off to do laundry and clean the car… there’s actually still glass from where Le Douchebag broke in!

Everybody have a bangin’ and blastin’ Tuesday night! Make it sparkly and magical!