So, after trying to blow off my horrible mood from this morning, I then went off to my first gig of the day, narrating the zombie book No Flesh Shall Be Spared.

In the Dark with the UDs

Yeah, that’s me, in session, looking all…something. It wasn’t a great session today. Since I’m still saving my voice for performances at night, my sessions are shorter, plus being in a bad mood was causing me to flub a lot, where I usually don’t. I look almost frightened in this picture. This amuses me. I don’t know why. Oh, the “UDs”, by the way, are the Undead.

Lots of stress in my life right now. Things are so busy, and there’s hardly any down time. People encourage me to make down time, but that can sometimes be impossible to do. I’d like about three days in some European spa with tranquil music, organic raw vegan food, and a nice, huge plush bed. If anybody is offering such a package for free, please email me immediately. šŸ™‚

There’s a lot I want to talk about right now, but of course can’t. Time and NDAs are limiting.

peace for now