There are so many things going on in my upstairs right now, as I can imagine is the case with most people in much of the world right now. For me, there are primarily collisions of joy and relative sorrow, or should I say mild sorrow? In other words, to address the giant monster in the room, I do feel very sorry for, and scared for, the people of Japan. What they’ve suffered is frightening, devastating, and unimaginable. Of course, there are many in Japan who are relatively unaffected, but for those who are, I send my best wishes and good energy. What I don’t want to ignore in the process, however, is the situation in Libya, the quake in Christchurch, the African population struggling with and AIDS epidemic, and the poor, destitute, insane, ill, homeless and wildly in need in our very own country. To say nothing of our maddeningly incompetent government, idiotic political talking heads, and people rattling off opinions at the rate of a Gatling gun’s fire. On the flipside, I have an incredible amount of joy in my life, finding mirth and extreme delight in performing on stage, making a living as a voiceover artist with ever-increasing opportunities, writing more and more, and with greater pleasure, and being surrounded by an extremely positive group of friends and family. Sometimes it’s hard to reconcile the madness of the world at large with the beauty and small wonders we often find in our own microcosms. I think one key to making the world a tad more awesome, is for all of us to collectively focus on what is GOOD about lives, the things that are positive, that bring us joy, that make us smile, rather than prattling on, be it on Facebook or anywhere else, about how depressing life is, how hard everything seems, how unfair this or that thing is in life, etc. When you take two steps back and look at your life, and just try for a bit to see the beauty, you might be amazed at what you find. And if you focus on that, and give that energy, you might be one step closer to changing the world for the better.