Coffee night at Brasil with RAD, Tyler and two of my Frater friends:

Caffeine and Bad Lighting

Tonight is the last night of my friend Tyler’s visit to Houston. He seems to have had a pretty good time. We’ve actually done a lot since he landed here on Friday morning, including Tyler getting to see (and participate in) the final two performances of Spelling Bee. Today’s actually his birthday, and mine’s tomorrow, so we had a bit of a joint birthday celebration, and he, RAD and I have stayed quite busy, between work, gigs, etc. I’m tired, but it’s been a lot of fun.

On the subject of Spelling Bee being over, I have to say that sad as I am, it is quite delightful and stress-relieving to have my nights back. This probably remain so for a while, for I think that unless I’m cast in Jekyll and Hyde, I might take a break from theatre. Oh, and speaking of breaks from things, I will actually be attending a convention in September: NMACon in Traverse City, Michigan. This will make slightly over a year, I believe, since I announced my break from cons at last year’s NDK. At that time, I was actually considering leaving the con scene for good, but knew that if something felt right with the right con for the right reasons, I would return. That having been said, I will probably just do NMACon, and then, if they’ll have me, I’d love to do NDK in 2012, and possibly do Shares Too Much again. The main reason I want to make a couple of return engagements to cons right now is a. I have a new lead role in an anime and b. of course I wish to promote my book, plus the people at NMA are great, and the hotel it’s in is crazy fun and whimsical. It’s kinda like living in a giant game for three days. And there’s a water park, so… ya know, yay!

Alright, must must must get more writing done tonight. I definitely owe Kyle and his vampire (and mortal) friends some of my time.