Adverbs are cool. I don’t care what Stephen King says! Well, okay, I do care, sometimes, what Stephen King says, but his admonition that “the road to hell is paved with adverbs” smacks of hyperbole to me. Plus, he’s none too innocent of committing his own so-called worst writing sin himself. So, to begin a blog with an adverb as a title feels just fine to me. And why “utterly”? Well, because I was simply trying to reflect upon how I feel right now, in this moment, and the answer is “utterly exhausted”. Today’s been quite the whirlwind, what with waking up to the power being off (long story), closing a show Saturday night,  doing a staged reading yesterday (fun stuff), and working today on one of the two books that are occupying most of my time. Again, I am currently drawn to Eric Chason (my newest protagonist) more than Kyle Ryan, though I love them both, I assure you. Also, on the Scene Immortal/ Blood Scene front, I hear the new cover designs for the first book are almost done, and will be making their appearance soon! Man, those of you who bought the first coupla rounds of Scene Immortal have no idea what a collector’s item you’ll be holding if this book ever goes big, ha ha! And to all the Casey Mongillo fans, yes, his visage will still remain part of the design, but there will be much more going on in the totality of the cover now. Also, the text should look markedly different.

Now, I’m going to lay down, read, and then later on continue narrating No Flesh Shall Be Spared.

Big love and positive energy to Japan, and I hope all reading this are well and lovely!