No, this is not about my writing, but it is about an artistic aspect of my life, and I wanted to announce it here first:


This coming October, my friend Kyle Ezer and I will be producing and co-directing a ridiculously sexy production of The Rocky Horror Show at Obsidian Art Space in Houston’s Heights District. We plan to make this a poppin’, sexy, erotic rockin’ adventure, and to breathe new dark life into this tried-and-true rock and roll musical and celebration of the Shadow Self! We’re looking to have 10 performances, with our final show happening on Halloween night! Already we’re brainstorming casting, set, lighting, effects, use of the space, the liberties we wish to take with the show, shaping it to sort of bend to our will, and what it means to us, and others, in 2011, when songs such as “Born This Way” are still having to be written, simply in the hopes of keeping another gay kid from being beaten up or some dumb shit like that. Groundbreaking as Rocky was, both on stage and on screen, its message is SILL prescient, STILL important, and let’s face it, the show is still fun as hell to both be in and watch!

You’ll def. see me blogging more about this as progress continues on all the pre-details. We’ll be having auditions sometime mid-summer, and we want to assemble the most sexy, diverse, awesome, fearless, funny and rock n roll at heart cast that can be imagined for this production!

In October 2011, in the Houston Heights, we will be encouraging everybody to not just dream it, but BE IT!

Stay tuned to this blog for more deets!!!


much luvs,