Though this post has little to do with my fondness for the Occult, or belief in the Aeon of Horus, not directly anyway, it does have to do with a project that I’m finding may be a huge part of my life’s work, opening a theatre company with my friend Kyle Ezer, called Aeon Theatrix.

I’m making this post today, because yesterday we secured a space for our first show, and we had our first official artistic/ business meeting regarding our first production, and on the future of our new venture as a whole.

Even as a writer, I’m having a hard time expressing how much excitement this prospect gives me. I truly believe Aeon Theatrix will be a new force for alternative/ forward-thinking/ innovative/ exciting/ lively theatre in the Houston area. So many synchronous events are happening in and around this Theatre coming to fruition, that I see blazing bright prospects ahead, with large, excited audiences being stimulated and wildly entertained. I have dreamed of this for a long time. The dream is taking action.

I am thrilled!

Many more details to come soon, as things continue to develop.

Also, I had a beautiful, non-sexual but somehow erotic dream about Lady Gaga last night.<3