Identifying as a Thelemite has changed my life. Over the past few years, having accepted the fact that I have a thirst for Occult knowledge, and that every act a person does can be low or high magick, I’ve gone through many phases: curious reader, Wiccan, eclectic Neo Pagan. And now I feel I have come home to being a Thelemite. Without going into snooze-inducing detail, a Thelemite, essentially, is somebody who believes in living their True Will, every day, every moment. Is this possible? No, at least not for “ordinary” people, and of course I don’t live this way, but the point is, I’m trying to. The reason I even became interested in Magick in the first place was actually because of Aleister Crowley, founder of Thelema. Of course, I’d heard all the horror stories (lies) about him, etc., and had to do a lot of researching and digging before unearthing bits of the truth, but what always struck me about him was that he was, first and foremost, about living one’s Divine Will. To be more clear, Thelema puts forth that if you are living your TRUE Will, then you are doing what most Christian’s would call “God’s Will.” There is no difference. Of course, Christians don’t like to hear that, but this is not a post about bashing Christians, I’ll leave that to simpler minds. There is much wisdom and compassion in Gnostic Christianity, and even in exoteric Christianity, there are a lot of “well meaning” people. But I digress.

Once I started focusing on Living My Will, as opposed to just flitting through life, working, waiting for things to come my way and such, my life changed, and the change has only become more apparent the more I’ve practiced Magick and focused on what my True Will is, and how I may better, and more dutifully live it each day.

This might be a good time to clear up a few doubts/ questions some readers my have at this point:

  1. I don’t worship Satan. In fact, I don’t believe in Satan. Satan is a mythical creature created by Christians to scare people away from being Pagan.
  2. Crowley did not worship Satan, did not molest children, did not sacrifice people or animals. Crowley did, however, speak in codes that may have made people think he did any or all of the aforementioned. He also LOVED shocking the establishment, and freaking out the ignorant, so he would often say or write outrageous things to challenge people to think.
  3. When I say I practice Magick, if may or may not be what you imagine, but I certainly do not go about “casting curses” at people or any such Hollywood nonsense. In fact, everyone reading this blog practices Magick, most are simply unaware. When you imagine yourself doing something, and then set that imagining into motion… guess what? You just performed Magick. Of course there are much more complex, and even simpler ways to define Magick, but my point is, we all practice Magick every day of our lives.

In Thelema, we just celebrated our New Year, which began on March 20th. For 22 days we do readings from the “Holy Books of Thelema.” These are, basically, poetic meditations, written by Crowley, that touch on the theme of each of the 22 days, each of the days being represented by one of the trump cards in Tarot. And by “we”, I mean myself and a few members of the local body of the OTO, or Order Templi Orientis. Basically, this is a fraternal group that meets to celebrate Thelema, conducts initiations, and performs Magick, as well as holds regular meetings and performs community service. I am not an actual member, but I hang with them because a. we share like minds  and  b. I plan on initiating soon.

What I’ve found through these people is camaraderie, friendship and much laughter and great conversation with like-minded and free-thinking Occultists/ Philosophers/ Thinkers/ Creative Artists. I suppose you can say I’ve found my “religion,” and every day I live I grow stronger in fully living my True Will, thanks not only myself, but to my Partner, and this very fine and interesting group of people.

There’s no reason for me to share all of this, other than the fact that I think it’s worth sharing. Some people are extremely secret about their Magical lives, and you can be sure there is much I’m leaving out of this post, but am keeping out out of the respect for my peers, and the simple fact that many things I do in private are simply nobody’s business but mine. But I certainly think that people who wish to know about me should be somewhat exposed to this part of my life, as it’s a huge part of who I am.