I finally have a Kindle!

Quite excited, really. It’s funny, I hear or read so many people saying ” yeah, but I love holding books and smelling them and reading them “, and yes, I do too, but my God this thing is awesome. It’s small, lightweight, easy to hold, easy on the eyes, and apparently it can do many things which um, I’m not utilizing it for yet. For example, I know I can drag and drop stuff to it, but um, that’s proving a better theory than practice right now. Of course, reading instructions is always awesome, and I probably would benefit from doing so. Anyway, I’m reading my first cheesy work of fiction on my little Kindle right now, it’s some story of a gang of vampire hunters, and it’s actually kinda fun, and I’m loving every minute of using the thing. I love even picking it up, holding it, admiring the technology… Perhaps I’m too easily amused.

Ah well.

How many of you are pro ereader/ anti ereader? Just curious.