you’re probably doing something right, as long as each one of those million places is a focal point, a node, that you can watch, hold onto, cajole, create with, harmonize with, bend to your will, or let bend you in the right way. Do you see? In other words, there’s nothing wrong with positive stress. Sometimes being a creative, proactive individual seems barely indivisible from being on the brink of insanity. Your head feels like a thousand-room luxury hotel with members of the Hellfire Club partying it up in every room, and somebody’s also giving a grand speech in the main ballroom while hookers do ecstasy in the bar. But that’s okay. Your juices are flowing, you’re on the verge of, literally, thinking outside the box, you’re making things shift from one place or pattern to another with your Will and your Creative Core.

Soak it up. Love it. Take on your creativity as a mistress. Fight with it. Reconcile with it. Make something great with it.

You can get a massage later.