Aeon Theatrix had its first Artistic/ Managerial meeting last night, has a Board of Directors, and is currently working on its entire first season. In a way, I can’t believe this is happening. I’ve wanted to start my own theatre company for over a decade, but the time/ money/ place just hasn’t been right. Now, like so many other things one decides to do Willfully in life, the Universe seems to be assisting my co-workers and I in making it happen. All these beautiful things are coming together quickly. It’s my belief that when you have something fresh and exciting to offer a community, be it artistic, business, spiritual, whatever, that people will be attracted to your enthusiasm, sincerity, passion and work, and along with the Universe, assist you.

Our first production, which doesn’t even open until October, already has a mighty creative team behind it, and I believe will be one of the fiercest productions of this particular show that’s been done in a long while. Though I’ve hinted at what it is, I can’t rightly confirm or deny at this point, and will leave that formal announcement as a surprise that will be revealed come early summer. I know it might be hard to get excited about a Theatre when you don’t even know what they’re going to be producing, but think progressive, non-stuffy, exciting, small-space-but-large-concept musical theatre, and you’ll be on the right track. 😉

For the foreseeable future, Aeon Theatrix will operate out of Obsidian Art Space in the Houston Heights. A great space in a beautiful, artistic, vibrant location!

In June, we will host a Fundraiser for the Theatre called Breaking New Ground. More on that soon.

Meanwhile, I have writing and recording to do.

Everybody make the most of your weekend!