I am? Well, okay, Stephen, if you say so!

I may not agree with everything this guy says On Writing, and I may not love every single one of his books or short stories, but I agree with a hell of a lot of what he says on writing, and I love a lot of his books, and short stories for that matter.

Since I have a Kindle, I thought it only appropriate to purchase The Godfather of Modern Storytelling’s Kindle Only yarn,  UR. Which is about… a Kindle. Now, I’m only 25% of my way through the story, but I’m assuming the Kindle (pink, in this case) is going to take on some sort of supernatural properties and cause odd things to happen… and I’m perfectly fine with that. I love King’s storytelling. Even when his horror and fiction lurches strangely into the absurd, he does it with such brilliance and aplomb that I forget I’m being hornswaggled by a ridiculous idea that I all-of-a-sudden find completely plausible.

As a child, Mr. King gave me a phobia of long hotel corridors, now perhaps as an adult, he will make me afraid of my Kindle.

Stephen, you bastard, I love you!