So, I’ve been narrating this book, called No Flesh Shall Be Spared, for a LONG time. Mainly because I’ve had a bunch of other things going on whilst narrating it. And it’s over 400 pages. That’s fine. Certainly not, by far, the longest, or most difficult book I’ve had to narrate. But, at times, it can be, well, trying in its… zombie-ness. That’s fine, too. I’m sure many people will love it. Well, before traveling into the home stretch today, I had lunch with RAD and I had a margarita. What can I tell you? I mean, I don’t recommend it for anybody, but narrating when you’re a bit tipsy… ain’t bad. It took the edge off. I was very tense about this book, and more worried about trying to get everything in under the deadline than I was about doing a good job. The small amount of alcohol I had consumed help put me in an interesting place for narrating, and I could forget about everything but performing the text. Can I do this without alcohol? Oh yes. In fact, I don’t even much like drinking, and don’t think it solves a damn thing, except making you feel temporarily giddy. I’ve never even been like officially wasted before, as I don’t see the point. And we don’t even need to get into the whole drunk driving thing. I’m just saying, Zombies go down better with a little Tequila and lime juice.

Let the weekend begin.