Every other Monday night we (some Thelemites) meet at a groovy little coffeehouse in Montrose, which is a cool, eclectic gayborhoodish type section of Houston.Tonight, we were in small numbers, but we had fun discussing mainly coming events of the week. So, it appears I’ll be going to a blacklite party at the House Ov Discord on Saturday. If I come out the other side mentally altered, do not be surprised.

Friday night, I have a meeting with the set designer for ___ _____ ______ ____, which will be Aeon Theatrix ‘s inaugural production. I have so many ideas and elements that I want to implement and make come alive in a relatively small space, but if anybody can make that happen, this guy I’m meeting with will be the one to do the job. I hate having to almost speak in code about this, but the board agreed the other night that we wouldn’t make an official announcement about the specific show until mid June. So, theatre freaks and freaks in general, stay tuned for that news! However, I’ll go ahead and put this out there:

If you wanna buy tickets blind, as in, you just happen to have faith that myself, and a bunch of awesomely talented, driven people are going to put on a hell of a show this Halloween at a very cool space in Houston, you can go buy them right now by clicking here. Those of you who know me know the show won’t be crap, and that it will be something you’ll most likely remember… for a very … long… time! But, if you want to wait for the official announcement, hell I won’t get mad. 😉

Have a great night!