I am so grateful, every day, for the amount of knowledge and quality people that I have in my life. Be the subjects artistic, occult, spiritual, or social, I have a sphere of people who surround me and make every day a song.

Life is rich. With words, with laughter, with tears, with contemplation, with the putting together of puzzle pieces, life is a feast. Life is a grand story. Life is a nightclub in the underworld, and a penthouse near Valhalla. Most people, it would seem, who claim unhappiness as their lot, are the people who choose it. Barring those who have suffered tragedy, or extreme ill  fate, most people just don’t have that much to be unhappy about, and most of what is making them happy is an illusion. The irony of all this, in fact, is that many of the supposed “lesser” or “disadvantaged” among us (i.e., those who have suffered emotionally crushing loss, handicap, illness, etc.) often are more jovial than “everyday folks”, perhaps because of their very situation, and the fact that they see things with a different set of goggles than the wallowing pessimists. I used to be such a wallowing swine. It’s so easy. And yet, what being in that state brings to your life is nothing but difficulty. Like attracts like, as they say. And these people who wonder why they can’t get out of their funk, I wonder, have they ever simply tried shifting their paradigm, breaking down the walls of their own gloomy boxes, or just smiling and laughing for no reason? Probably not. It sounds like such a simple fix, but your attitude really can increase your metaphoric altitude.

So, revel, please, in life. In love, in food, in sex(if it be right for you), in work, in play, but in all things seek to live your True Will. If you do this, you canNOT be miserable, for it is nobody’s True Will to live in misery.


Today I will complete narration on the zombie juggernaut No Flesh Shall Be Spared, and should be finding out about some new work as well.

I also am allowed to announce that, even though not yet noted on their site, I will be a guest this late-summer at Anime Festival Orlando. This will be one of my two convention appearances in 2011. I then intend to make one appearance in 2012, and by then will most likely be so busy with Aeon Theatrix, that even the occasional convention appearance will become impossible.

A lot of you seem to be hungry for more Blood Scene, and I promise the second book will happen, it just may not happen as soon as I’d originally planned. So much going on! By the way, if you’ve read Scene Immortal, pop off about it and leave me a comment here telling me what you thought! Reviews should be coming out soon, but I’d love to hear what casual readers of my blog thought, as well. By the way, how about that new cover, eh?! 🙂

Alright, I’m off to zombie-land, and I shall blog again soon.

Everybody make the rockin’ most of their day.