Sometimes in life, you are thrown a curve ball that can still be whacked out of the park and turned into a home run. Such is the case of something I’m dealing with now. And I’ve found that in these situations, what we learn about ourselves as artists and creative folk is how adaptive we are, how creative, and how much mettle we have in standing up for what we believe in, but also standing down when diplomacy calls for such action. What I’m referring to is relatively, no quite, private, but still is not all that big of a deal, when considered up next to so many things that have to be taken into consideration within the walls of this particular situation. We find new routes by which to demonstrate our creativity, we find new means by which to express ourselves, and always, we seek to tell the best stories, with the most honesty and in the most engaging manner as possible.

Ergo, schism becomes challenge, becomes new solution.