Right now so much is on the brink of coming to fruition. This is that period right before all the fun stuff and the exciting work and the thrills and chills start. This is the grunt work phase, and I’m not a fan. The thing is, you can’t do the fun work without doing the grunt work. And the thing is, I’m not just talking about one project, I’m talking about many. I wear so many hats, and have the equivalent of about 2.5 full-time jobs, so I’m always coming at different things and in different ways. But for everything I’m working on, I’m in the beginning phases, the place where you’re emerging from the sludge and crawling onto the banks and starting to walk upright, but you haven’t quite discovered fire or the wheel… or the joy of sex. You’re just kind of mucking about in a haze. You know where you’re going, and you know what you’re doing, and sort of how you’re going to do it, but you’re still waiting for your eyes to be fully open and your brain to be fully functioning, awake, stimulated.

A quick run-down:

Demon King Daimao, in which I voice the lead, is done recording, for me anyway.

Aeon Theatrix has a meeting tonight, and we will be “freezing” our season. Meaning we will have decided upon it with finality. Of course, we’ve decided to not announce it until June 15th, so sitting on that is going to be tough, but of course there will be much work to keep me occupied in the meantime.

I’ve been asked to play the lead (well only) role in a play, I’m waiting to hear about being cast in another play, and I’m auditioning for yet another play in a week. So, theatrically I’m busy.

Vocally, I’m narrating a 600-page zombie book, then a fairly small vampire romance, then my own book, Scene Immortal, then I’m not sure what. I think I’ll have some commercials to voice very soon.

So, in short, I’m busy, very busy. And I like it. And I hope you’re busy, too!

I’ll blog more later. Right now, I need to go work!