I’ve been going through a six-month distraction. And I don’t mean to negate the beauty of what could have been, but I do believe I got sidetracked. Sometimes we mistake a temporary obsession for our great work. This is my belief, now, at this point in my life anyway.

If I’ve had to learn a lesson, I believe it is that when things are going well, and doing right by you, and supporting you, you keep going with them. You don’t let yourself get caught up in your own ( and somebody else’s ) manic behavior. You work hard at that at which you excel, and you move ever forward, boldly, righteously, and with great fortitude.

It is with all this in mind that I sally forth back into my VO career, and my writing, full force.

The VO has never really left me, but I did leave it, in a way. I stopped paying it proper respect. I stopped giving enough of myself to the cause, the practice, the art, the magick.

For writing I can say much the same. In fact, with the writing, just when it seemed things were starting to take off, I abandoned a trilogy. Not right to the art, and certainly not right to all the awesome fans who were so actively waiting to read more.

So, I’ve now decided to spend at least an hour a day, for the next fourteen days, on Blood Scene, and see if the goods are all still there. See if all the characters are still showing up for work. See if I’m still able to make Kyle’s story sing.

I hope you all who may or may not feel forgotten, rejoin me on this journey.