This week seems to be moving at a slow pace, but I like that. It’s giving me a chance to savor it, to love every minute of the cooler weather, the drier air, and the new discoveries I’m making in my career and on my path.

I had a fun gig today, and I actually nailed four commercials in one take. I’m not one for bragging, but let’s just say I can feel when I’m having a “great voice day”. I’ve been voicing, it occurred to me today, as “the voice” of Baker Nissan, now, for over two years. Amazing. I’ve also been the voice of employee training software at Jiffy Lube for, I guess, over a year. I love long-term clients. And speaking of long-term clients, I go in to Aesir Media on Thursday for some anime. Which one? I have no idea. I don’t usually, these days, until I get there. My how things have changed since 2003, right? Ah well, cycles and progression.

Thought: Am I the only American who listens to Grafton Primary? Am I?

Another thought: Part of the reason I don’t go to cons anymore is because I really hate flying. And this coming from a guy who’s probably flown upwards of 200 times.

Still another thought: Goodnight.