My partner doesn’t much like this time of day, and I feel for him, because I have my own time of day that I’m not fond of. I happen to love mornings, because they symbolize a daily new beginning that we all have. True, I don’t always feel the best in the morning, because I’m also a late-night person. But, still, there’s something about waking to splash water on your face, clean and refresh your mouth, and clear your head that makes morning unique beyond it simply being the “beginning” of the day.

For me, it’s also about creativity. Morning is when I usually have my first rush of creative flow, especially after a Red Bull… not kidding. But still, it is the energy, the very feel of morning that revs me, puts me into overdrive. Usually it’s exercise or writing. And of course, I often have gigs in the morning. I think it’s my best vocal time, apart from late at night. This is simply how my cycles work.


I’ve been ruminating on an oddly trendy idea, but not because it is trendy, but rather because it came to me and it sounds so damn appealing: I want to write Steampunk Vampire fiction. Vampiric heroes encountering vampiric enemies in subterranean steamwork facilities in neo-Goth Victorian England. That kind of thing. I don’t know if it would sell, I don’t know if anyone would read it, and I don’t even know if I’d be any good at it. But I’d like to try, because the images are definitely floating around in my brain and demanding my attention.

See, this guy could be one of my heroes, for example! 🙂

There are so many wonderful writers out there, many unknown, doing wonderful things with their brains and fingers, that I sometimes laugh at my own attempts to “join their ranks”. But still, I feel I do a disservice to my own creative impulse to not, at least, try.