♥ I was back in the booth today… the booth over in that little, unassuming strip center, in southwest Houston. In that old building that used to be known as ADV. It was weird, sort of. Sort of not, though, as I’ve been there more and more often as of recent. Yes, amidst all the Audiobook narration, commercials, technical narration and so on that I’ve continued to busy myself with, in just the past few months I’ve been in more than just one or two new anime titles. I’ve, in fact, played the lead in one, and a principal FEMALE character in another. (That was interesting). Today I was working on yet another new title, this time playing a pretty boy who spoke in poems, and it was good to hear my buddy Blake Shepard’s voice in my cans. (miss ya dude). And tomorrow, I go in for three hours on another new anime. I can only assume the character I’m playing is sizeable, but I don’t have any idea who he is, and even if I knew the name of the show, I couldn’t tell you. You know the routine. ♥

Anyway, I thought this would raise the interest of at least a few of you, more than say, an article about Stephen King, or maybe not. But, either way, it does kinda… feel oddly homey to be voicing so much anime again.

Later guys!