I wanted to write something about sex and music, and then I thought it would be pretty simple and fun to just make a small list of some of my favorite songs about —-ing, or that are great to —- to. 



1. Your Sex Is On Fire by Kings of Leon- Okay, if this one ISN’T about ing, it should be.

2. Sex (I’m A…) by Berlin – It doesn’t really get more blatant.

3. Closer by Nine Inch Nails – Such a great sex song, it’s practically a cliche’.

4. Hit That Perfect Beat Boy by Bronski Beat – It almost sounds innocent… almost… and that’s part of why it’s so dirty.

5. Need You Tonight by INXS – Come ON!!!

6. In Your Room by Depeche Mode – I stole this from somebody elses list, but it works too well.

7. Andy, You’re A Star  by The Killers – This is weird. I know it is. I never said I was normal.