Sometimes I think the entire world is suffering from collective ADD and social awkwardness. I feel as if almost nobody knows how to truly communicate anymore. Isn’t it odd, that in this Information Age, so few of us have any real information to share, or if we do, don’t seem to have the capacity, wherewithal or patience to share it? Perhaps this is the world’s new tragedy. The Great Incommunicado. The Great Shut Up. The Great Culture of the God of Meme. I could go on, but I don’t need to suckle at the teat of electronic vapidity anymore than it has already been suckled. We live in a time when we seem to always be walking a glass balance beam between Chaos and Order. On one side are all the Chaos Magicians, Discordians, Anonymous, Anarchists, etc., and on the other side are the Ann Coulters, the Hannitys, the Savages, and the Republican and Democratic parties. Then there are the Middle  People, many of them Sheep, and some just lost and not even able to follow a herd. Then there are the Outliers, the Outlanders, the Others. People who “cut their own way through the jungle”, and at the end of the day don’t align with any particular nomenclature or movement, or if they do, it is relatively personal and not something they tend to flaunt, scream, yell or use as a poorly-wielded weapon. As far as what camp I’m in, I think I’m too involved in this soliloquy to say. I’m probably a mixture of a couple of these aforementioned groups, depending upon the day, the week, the month, etc. If I had to classify myself right now, I’d say I was a Disenchanted Individualist. And while I can name what I think I am, place myself in some made-up sub-category, I’m not sure what I can offer the world in the way of a change, or a solution, or a revolution. I only know that changes, solutions, and possibly revolutions are things  that actually need to happen, and cannot just be boiled down to slogans, chants and lip service any longer.

Let us all seek, however we can, to affect some actual change and progress in the world.