I did not get any cleaning done yesterday. I got very little done, apart from reading, but that’s fine. Reading Perdurabo has been amazing so far. What a fascinating, non-biased account of Crowley!

Since I was sick yesterday, I begin work on the new anime tomorrow, and continue through the next Monday. I’m also working on another account, and apart from that, just the mundane rituals of laundry and cleaning and making sure our new space stays amazing and becomes more so.

My brain is very crowded right now. I hate the fact that if I miss one dose of meds I become increasingly neurotic and paranoid. Basically, what happens when you have anxiety disorder, and you miss even one does of meds, is you start to have a generalized fear of everything. Everyone’s out to get you, everything is scary, everything is tinged with a bit of the morose. It’s tiresome and none too fun. But it’s not much to bitch about, when all it requires is remembering to take two pills every day.

About the title of the post: it’s really just an homage to the Awolnation song that I can’t get out of my head this morning. It’s not a bad thing. It’s a sexy, hitting, anthemic neo rock song, but it gets stuck in my head so often, even though it’s been around a while. What a sexy band! Argh. Okay. I have things to do. I’ll probably write more later. I’m feeling verbose. I just am also feeling restless.