The Commander hung bright, seemingly to the left of the beautifully luminous moon, an omnipotent orb of orchestration of the highest order, dictating with delicacy the duties to be done to direct the energy needed to sustain, maintain, obtain and grow. This orb of high order has had my attention for a while, so to see it so clearly was a delicious, astronomic treat for this relatively uninformed lover of the night sky. I willingly admit my ignorance to many aspects of astronomy, and at the same time am unabashed at my wide-eyed, open-mouthed appreciation of the simple beauty of the velvet above punctuated by pinpricks of luminescence, which in reality are burning stars, moons and entire other worlds. Add into the mix that we are, when we stare into the sky, looking into the past, and the whole subject of stargazing takes on a new dimension of odd, of nearly impossible to wrap one’s head around. How I love, adore, and bask in wonder underneath, below and at the night sky.