It was at the age of 28 that I started to do voiceovers in a niche subgenre called “Anime”. I never thought that this particular seemingly odd little part of my career would be what eventually lead me to doing full time voiceovers, but I suppose stranger things have happened.

Funny thing is, since the age of 28, I’ve tended to mainly voice “pretty boys” from about ages 17-20, usually heroes, romantic leads, or some type of unusually good-looking villain. Well, now that the whole anime train seems to have picked up steam in Houston again, I’m back to doing just that, except I’m 40. Yeah, 40. Just today, I was working on a show where I played an inhumanly attractive 18 year old. Last week, I was voicing the lead, a 17-year old, in a show called … oh, well, maybe I shouldn’t say… The week before that I was voicing a very youngish looking vampire in another show… And the weirdest part… my voice hasn’t changed all that much. I mean, yeah my acting chops have increased, I know much-better how to handle a microphone, character development, arc, etc… but my voice, when I want it to, still tends to sound really young. It’s almost surreal sometimes, to be honest. Ah well, I always only half-joked that I’d probably be voicing 17-year olds into my 40s… and, um, here I am. ;-).

Viva work!!!