On top of the five books I’m now reading, two more books have just bleeped onto my radar as definite “must haves”:

Harukai Murakami’s 1Q84

and Stephen King’s 11/22/63

Two of my favorite fiction authors, going at it big time, bombastic, and ultra-wordy! This, for me, equals late-fall, holiday love, literary style. If you’ve never read Murakami, this probably won’t be the book to start with. As a primer, I’d probably recommend the short story collection, After the Quake.

If you’ve never read Stephen King, or have reservations about reading more of him, well, you’ve probable already made up your mind about how you feel about his work. Though I have to say that if your only exposure to him is a tome or two from his middle career, you might want to give this new one a shot. The guy gets better and better, if a little less scary, the older he gets, in my opinion. Nothing will ever compare to The Shining, or ‘Salem’s Lot for that matter, but some of his latter, sprawling works have stood their own ground, in a sort of nouveau horror genre that King seems to have created all for himself. It’s some kinda of odd cross of Poe, Dickens, Twain, Lovecraft and, well, King rolled into one.

Here’s to the words that keep us reading into the wee hours of the morning! May they always do their job.