There is a time to write, a time to read, a time to think and ruminate, and a time to act.

I’ve heard it said that many people who claim to live willfully, practice magick, or to have accomplished this, that or the other are often just talkers, not doers. I used to be one of these people, not just in my spirituality, but in my everyday life of forever talking about acting, reading about magick, saying how much I wanted to narrate audiobooks, get more voice gigs, do more anime, video games, whatever. The disconnect for most people, I think, is that they think simply wanting all of this stuff will make it happen. That’s actually the secret to The Secret, I do believe. You must bridge that gap between desire, want, etc and actually apply that desire, want, etc. to action. Thus your dreams take flight, and your magick is made.

If you claim to be a magician, get off your but and do an LBRP or a prayer or a conjuration. Then get to work on making what you want to happen, happen. If you’ve done a spell to get a job, you’d be awfully stupid to not go and put in an application at five different places. If you’re an aspiring teacher, and yet you have no degree, you probably should start thinking of ways to enroll in school, etc.

I’m not chiding anybody in particular. In fact, like so many of my blog posts, this is more of a reminder for me to stay on the path of action, and to forever shun the “sin” that is inaction, when it is clear action must be taking place.