Waking up to gray skies, chilled air, wind and drizzle is not most people’s idea of a fantastic morning, but after the summer of 2011 in Texas, it’s almost like a silver heaven. So energizing, refreshing and renewing to experience this kind of weather again. And the poor grass, which has been thirsting mightily, is finally steeped in puddles of water, and can begin some kind of recovery before the harshness of what we call winter fully sets in.

To celebrate the coming Samhain holiday, or Halloween to most of you, I finally bought decorations for our balcony, set out the fog machine, and even made sure we have a huge, full bowl of candy for any potential visitors on Monday night. In addition, I rather impulsively picked up a paperback copy of Stephen King’s “Full Dark, No Stars”. It’s one of his “hey, look at these four nifty little novellas I’ve written… which one will Frank Darabont make into an amazing movie?” titles, so I’m curious to see what lurks between its covers.

Everybody have an amazing, safe rockin’ Halloweekend!