At first glance, this may look like it’s going to be a post about the fact that I found my old pop filter, and am employing it again in home use, thereby aiding in the elimination of extra-poppiness in my recordings.  (Oh, by the way, I found my old pop filter, and I’m again employing it in home use). Ahem. But no, this post is about how I’ve radically changed my eating habits, namely cutting out about 90% of my sugar intake, refined or otherwise. The main way I’ve achieved this is by the cessation of consumption of pop. Or, “coke”. Or, soda. Whatever. The only soda I have any more is, sometimes, one 8 oz. Red Bull in the morning, and that usually comprises most of my sugar intake for the day. (27 grams, for the curious). Why? Well, it was weird… I was a pescetarian… mainly vegan, actually, and I was in terrible shape. My skin looked crappy and dull, my body was starting to get oh-so-pudgy, and may weight was approaching 200 pounds! What the shit?! Granted, I’m 6’3″, so it’s easy for me to kinda “hide” that kinda weight, but still, I wasn’t really fooling anybody. I needed to finally shed some fucking serious weight, and for good. I knew what I had to do, and I didn’t want to face it, because it would be one of the hardest struggles of my life. Why? Because, like so many other people, I’ve grown up on a very sugary diet… except, to be honest, probably much worse. If I could catalog for you what I used to eat in a typical day, you’d be surprised, not by the actual amount of food, but by the number of grams of sugar… Let me put it to you like this: The World Health Organization recommends consumption of about 50 grams of sugar a day… I… was having… I figure… oh… about 200-300 grams of sugar a day. There’s no way I wasn’t on the way to diabetes, unless I have like, Super Liver or something. My vision was extra crappy, I had terrible mood and energy swings, and I was simply listless and unmotivated, more and more so, all the time. Very much unlike me. So, I started, and I mean hardcore, cold turkey. I totally did a flip-flop with my diet. I increased the grams of protein in my diet massively, concurrently obliterating the amount of sugar I took in, massively. Most days, I now have about 50-100 grams of protein in a day, and I hover between about 10-40 grams of sugar.

Is it easy? Hell no. Do I see results? Hell yes. Even without my glasses, my vision has improved, I’ve almost completely stopped getting atphous sores (what many call cankor sores) in my mouth and on my tongue, and my face looks more alert and alive. Also, my energy is way more even, and I never get that “bottoming out” feeling of shakiness and my blood running cold, which is indicative of a sugar crash. And yes, about 13 pounds have fallen off of my frame. So, I feel I’ve made some good decisions, and so far, even over the Christmas holidays, I’ve managed to stick with low sugar consumption. And yes, I do still get some sugar from natural sources, but not much. And I’ve literally cut ALL the refined crap out of my diet. There are many things I miss, for no good reason other than a psychological addiction, but miss them I do. The crazy cravings have fallen away, and so have the headaches, but there’s still that nagging sugar demon in my head trying to get me to eat the wrong stuff. I have a feeling even he’ll be quiet too, eventually. Until then, my Will is strong.