And so we come to Friday, and gods don’t I love it?! Paid yesterday, paid today, and continuing fun work on two giant Science Fiction books that I’m currently narrating.

One of the primary ways I earn my income is as a Narrator for Bee Audio. Not that they’re the only peeps I narrate for, but they’re my main guys, for sure. They stay incredibly busy with titles, they pay a good wage, and their methods are second-to-none as far as artistic standards and quality control. Working for them is an honor, a pain in the ass, and a privilege. To even be on their roster is quite a pat on the back, but the fact that they throw so much work my way is, honestly, quite astounding. Not that I think I suck, but when I set out to be a very proactive Audiobook Narrator almost two years ago, … well… hm… I dunno. I was going to say I didn’t think I’d get this much work, but, the main reason I was so interested in this avenue of Voiceover, was that I always thought it would be my strong point. And it would appear that that may be the case. Eh, click on the link above, and you be the judge. Could be you detest my style of narration. Maybe not.

I just wanted to write this morning, because it’s hard for me to convey how very lost in words I sometimes feel, and yet it’s something I want to express. I like trying to take people on a ride with me, to have them share in an experience if they have to. I’m sure my job is some people’s idea of hell: a tiny room, isolation, talking for hours on end, acting the whole time, constantly aware of character, intent, arc, beats, pitch, rhythm, accent, tone, color, timbre, whether or not your voice is making odd pops/ squeaks/ clicks/, obsessing over the integrity of your Main Narrator voice. It seems like it would drive some people mad. I’ve always maintained that it takes a certain kind of personality to be a mindful, “good” actor, and probably even a more specific type to be an actor who works extensively in Voiceover, and probably still more specific type to sit in a booth in front of a screen (or in my case, my Kindle Fire), reading, emoting, acting for hours on end with seemingly nobody near you.

Personally, I love it. I can’t imagine it not being a part of my life. I feel that storytelling is one of the most ancient artforms, and to see it thriving so vividly, spreading like beautiful wildfire in the digital age, makes me all warm inside, like… um… a margarita… does… after… a long day… in the booth.

And, when I’ve lost the ability to put forth a cogent simile, it’s time to sign off for a bit.


Happy Friday! Go fall in love!