Hey people!

It’s Monday morning, wake up, have some caffeine, run around the park, and then kiss a sunbeam or hug a tree or drive your car around singing Lady Gaga songs… or just be content reading my blog! …

So, I want to talk about why I love being so very involved in the wonderful world of Audiobooks, as a narrative Voice Talent.

First and foremost, I love storytelling. I’ve been acting all my life, and even in those dark days when I was not being paid for my craft, I still enjoyed it, loved it, reveled in it… why? Well, I thought about that for a long time… was it the applause? recognition? the “being able” to tell people I was an actor and sound oh-so chi-chi and artsy? Nah, it was the fact that I LOVED telling  stories! Still do, actually. I think storytelling is what all great acting is at its core. And when I’m doing it at its best, it almost feels magickal, or Shamanic, even. As if I’m a storyteller of old, invoking characters to evoke emotions in the people around me who are seeking some sort of moral, or lesson, or great TRUTH… But perhaps I oversell my craft a bit… but not really. I mean, that IS what it actually feels like!

Anyway, this may sound completely bonkers, simply from a logistics point of view, but I’m currently narrating SEVEN Audiobooks… and I must say, though they’re all good, I must do that thing that no parent is ever supposed to do, and dote on a current favorite… In fact, it’s the book I’m closest to finishing right now, and it’s called What Dies In Summer, and is written by Tom Wright. It’s a fantastically haunting coming-of-age tale that takes place in my home state, Texas. Imagine a mash up of Stand by Me, The Prince of Tides, and maybe something by Tennessee Williams. Really rich, chilling stuff!

Now, I’m not going to lie or beat about the bush on this: Audiobooks are more work for the money, as opposed to a commercial or a quick narration, or something along those lines, but the work is very rewarding, and the money IS good. So, if narrating Audiobooks has ever appealed to you, make sure it’s because you love to spin a good yarn, and not because you think you’ll have won the Voice Over lottery!

That’s all for now, but I shall be writing more very soon!

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