So let’s talk about all those ugly noises you can sometimes hear in your recordings. Or, if you’re not a VO kinda person, let’s talk about waking up with bad breath, feeling tongue-tied when you talk, feeling like you can’t properly swallow, feeling bloated in the belly, feeling tired more often than you think you should… Sound familiar? Anyone? Yeah, well, here’s an idea: DRINK SOME DAMN WATER!

No, really. Do it. Now. Stop reading, get up, get a glass of water, drink it down, sit back down, continue reading.

Feeling better already, aren’t you?

Water is one of the most underrated things on this planet. Not only do we need it to, ya know, not die… but it actually helps our bodies function properly in so many ways that we may not even realize. And yes, as a Voice Talent, staying properly hydrated is ESSENTIAL to delivering clean takes, to being less tongue-tied, and to experiencing less fatigue in the booth.

Even if all the above wasn’t important, or true (it is), consider this nifty list:


And on the real, you’ll never hear me say “OMG don’t eVAR drink alcohol or caffeine! EVAR!!!” We’re humans. We’re going to do some stupid stuff to feel good and have fun sometimes, but remember, the best way to remedy the damage done by such indulgence is, you guessed it, WATER!

Narrating a ton of audiobooks has made my awareness of hydration like thrice what it ever was before, because the tracks you deliver when narrating an Audiobook are SO quiet and naked. It’s you and the mic, baby, and any extraneous noise? It’s gonna be makin’ a guest appearance! And the more junk like that there is on your tracks, the less a client is going to want to work with you. Trust.

I just wanted to get this offa my fingers (see what I did there) because hydration is always on my mind. So for those of you who didn’t know, yes, water is way more important than you ever could have imagined.