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Whether you read my blog out of habit, boredom, curiosity, or because you’re an aspiring Voice Artist, I appreciate your coming here.

That having been said, this post will probably only appeal to those with a penchant for Voice Acting, but for the rest of you, oh well, maybe it will be an insight or a glimpse into this biz which we’ve chosen to be a part of.

Since my book is currently in the works, and I’m not quite set up yet to do Voice Over Coaghing, Demo Consulting and the like, I want to offer the next best thing, which would be some GREAT reads on the aforementioned subjects, and more.

First, and foremost, I have to reccommend and give props to my ‘boy’ Jonathan Tilley, and his book Voice Over Garden. How can I not love this guy? He’s a handsome older dude (woof), he’s gay, and he writes in an almost RuPaulian style that makes you laugh and check yourself at the same time. He also is a Gaga fan, so, paws up Little Monsters, what WHAT?! Anyway, this book is just so all-encompassing, ranging from the basics of Voice Acting technique to the nitty-gritty, nuts and bolts of Marketing, Promotion, Branding, andn conducting yourself as a BUSINESS. Please please, darlings, as much as we are all lovely Artistes, let none of us ever forget we are BUSINESSES as well. You want to be able to afford Life and all its Wonders, yes? I thought so. Anyway, please check out Jonathan’s book. It’s definitely New Aeon thinking about Voiceover and Voice Acting as a Business.

Second, I’m going to give props where I thought I wouldn’t, and that would be to a little (okay, rather big) tome called Voice Acting For Dummies. Yep, someone went and did it. Well, two someone’s actually, those wonderful business people-cum-voice talents, the Ciccarellis, who run Like Tilly’s book, this one covers the basics, and then glides into the nuts and bolts of Voiceover as a Business. (Sensing a pattern here, ya’ll? Good). Anyway, you can get this one at your Barnes and Nobleez and such, and it IS an official For Dummies title… which only goes to show you just how much the VO BIZ is blowing up. I’m telling ya folks, if you really think you’ve got the chops, the drive, and the balls for it, this is the time to jump on the VO Bandwagon.

And, of course, no blog post such as this would be complete without mentioning THE Voice Over Bible: The Art of Voice Acting by the great James Alburger. Besides this book’s utter completeness on the subject of the Art of Voice Acting, I’m also impressed by how often Mr. Alburger updates this book in accordance with emerging trends, making sure this modern classic stays as fresh as organic kale Trader Joes!… what?

Alright, that’s all for now. I’ll be updating again soon, and excitedly, as my next blog is going to focus on my offering services as an Editor.

peace, love, lust, roller coasters and Red Bull,



Burnout, and the power of NO

First of all, I’d like to apologize for publishing my last blog from an antiquated page. One that I had decided to never use again. I suppose that’s the price I pay for not fully dismantling it.

But, burnout. Clearly, I’m experiencing it right now, or else it wouldn’t really be on my mind.

In the past three days, I’ve powered through narrating three books. On top of that, I have to set aside a certain amount of time for marketing, networking, auditioning, gear/ studio improvement shopping, and being available to take Richard wherever he needs to go, because we’re a one-car family. Add to that that we just adopted a kitten, named Jynx, who happens to be a very expressive, athletic, LOUD Bengal. All of these factors make recording, and setting time to record, a challenge.

So, after booking an entire series of novels to narrate, plus three other titles from other publishers, plus volume three in a series of novels I began to narrate over a year ago… I should have done some more thinking, been a little more considerate of my situation, and that of my clients. Because now, I can barely work effectively, and when I do, right now, it’s in very small snippets, because I’ve pushed myself to a sort of stress cliff.

But this, as freelance artists, is our paradox: we want to accept as much work as we can, so we have a steady stream of income, and our brand and name get out in the public eye. The other side of this is that, once we’ve put our bran/ name out in the public eye, and have accepted a ton of projects, our reputation suffers once we start faltering on deadlines, or on quality of work, because we discover we simply haven’t alotted enough time in the day (or night) to do all the work we’ve signed up to do.

This is where the power of saying NO comes in handy. You have to put your excitement about getting all this work aside, you have to put your ego aside, and you have to realize there will be more work, other projects, other opportunities, and if you accept too much work, you run the risk of damaging yourself, and your brand.

That’s all I’m going to say about this for now. Immediately, I’m simply happy I found this, my “real” blog page again, and hope you guys get into reading it again, as well.

May you have a blast this weekend, NOT a burnout!

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