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Sitting and Not Waiting

I was very excited tonight to

a. talk to my publisher about the second book in the Blood Scene Trilogy coming out by Thanksgiving

b. talk to my publisher about finally beginning production on the Audiobook of Scene Immortal


c. to sit down at my notes for Blood Scene, and find most of the story, in rough note form, come pouring out of my brain


That’s how many views this blog has had as of today!!!

3… It’s a Magick Number!



I’ve been going through a six-month distraction. And I don’t mean to negate the beauty of what could have been, but I do believe I got sidetracked. Sometimes we mistake a temporary obsession for our great work. This is my belief, now, at this point in my life anyway.

If I’ve had to learn a lesson, I believe it is that when things are going well, and doing right by you, and supporting you, you keep going with them. You don’t let yourself get caught up in your own ( and somebody else’s ) manic behavior. You work hard at that at which you excel, and you move ever forward, boldly, righteously, and with great fortitude.

It is with all this in mind that I sally forth back into my VO career, and my writing, full force.

The VO has never really left me, but I did leave it, in a way. I stopped paying it proper respect. I stopped giving enough of myself to the cause, the practice, the art, the magick.

For writing I can say much the same. In fact, with the writing, just when it seemed things were starting to take off, I abandoned a trilogy. Not right to the art, and certainly not right to all the awesome fans who were so actively waiting to read more.

So, I’ve now decided to spend at least an hour a day, for the next fourteen days, on Blood Scene, and see if the goods are all still there. See if all the characters are still showing up for work. See if I’m still able to make Kyle’s story sing.

I hope you all who may or may not feel forgotten, rejoin me on this journey.




Never mind the fingers of fog creeping onto his path as he tried to forget the nightclub slowly fading into the distance; now there was the stench with which to contend. And it was pungent. It was like shit and sadness rolled in a wrap of regret and degradation. Great city, this. His footsteps were muted, the humidity in the fog sucking up any sound his Chucks would have otherwise made on the brick, all rubber on hard ground, that wonderful slap-slap that only comes with the Hipster gait. Not tonight. Tonight belonged to the elements, which had conspired to disorient him as he tried to remember down which of these oddly sparse and huge streets his hotel lay.

“It’s on your right” was the utterance that came over his left shoulder.

“Wha-” was what he managed through the Vodka/Red Bull haze. It was barely a question. Just another manifestation of his confusion.

He turned around.

One of the most beautiful guys he’d ever seen stood before him. Cascading spikes of black hair, eyes of an indeterminate color that seemed to glow, and damn this dude could dress! A little rocker-rough for his tastes, but James was pleased nonetheless. He’d just spent three hours at a gay bar and not seen one guy that even neared this creature’s crystalline sex appeal.

James stared the guy down, or tried to. He guessed he was about his age, roughly 21, maybe younger, hard to tell with that white makeĀ  up on his face… or was that his skin? No way.

“Do you like staring at me, James?” the guy dared him.

“Um…yeah? And?”

The rocker demi-god smirked. “Well…” and he reached for James.

James started to back up as the dude’s ropey, muscular arms linked around him. Rocker boi moved in closer, starting at James the whole time, his smile broadening, then puckering. He kissed James, long and deep, for a good half a minute. And while James was too drunk to truly appreciate the experience, he knew something amazing was happening, that the hottest guy he’d ever seen in his life was making out with him, in the fog, in this alley, near that stupid club where he’d just blown $35. Then rocker boi pulled back, and sunk his teeth and strength into James’s neck.

His world spun, molecules became separate and individuated before his eyes, and he saw the elemental makeup of everything around him disassemble. He was being sucked dry, being killed, dying. Finally, he felt his head thwack against the brick. The last words he could muster were “wha…the..fu?”

Rocker boi looked down at him, spat, and said, “I’m Kyle Ryan. In about five minutes, after about four minutes of disorientation and not a little pain, you’ll be dead. Enjoy your last few minutes on earth how you can. And, if you’re wondering, I did this for Josh.”


Yes, I’ve been rather busy with some other projects, and yes I still am writing, and intend to finish the Blood Scene trilogy. For now, I’m just posting this for all those who do still check up on this blog. I’m about to plunge into a LOT of writing and voiceover work in my life again.


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